PhotoFair 2011 New Delhi

Hi Everyone! It’s been long since I posted here. Actually, there wasn’t any events happening around for which I should have written about here. But yes, this week, there was such an event in New Delhi in the name of PhotoFair 2011. This was held at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, which is more commonly known as the de-facto place of the numerous trade-fairs all around the year. I wasn’t aware of this PhotoFair at all till I saw a tweet from @nikhilchawla mentioning the same. I was in Dehradun and was planning to get back to Delhi on 9th Jan. However, Nikhil told me that 9th would be the last day of PhotoFair. And since I wasn’t going to miss it at any cost, I rushed and came to Delhi at 8th January itself so that I could attend the PhotoFair on 9th January morning.
Here’s a sneak peek of the happenings around the event!


This is the 300mm bazooka! Cost? I guess it was around 4 Lakhs 😛


And here comes the video mammoth cameras…





Honestly, I neither know what they are, nor I have any idea what these collosal things do :O


Hehe.. Poor Canon 7D. Must be thinking, where the hell am I stuck 😛


Quite surprisingly, there was also a Mac stall at the event. And not surprisingly, the guys were boasting about how actually, a Mac would help you become a better photographer and how Lightroom and PS are nothing in front of Apple’s Apperture 😛



NatGeo guys were also there. They were selling thier “Super Cool” camera bags with NatGeo logo and nothing else noticable with a starting price tag of 10 thousand rupees. Are you kidding me?


Also, I tried out the Sigma 10-20 wide angle lens at the Sigma stall and I absolutely loved the lens. Probably it’s going to be my next purchase. These pics are from that lens only.



Ah, the good old Kodak and a Chineze! 😛


Bazooooka spotted again!


And here comes the “Nikon School”. Probably the best part of the event. Nikon organized a stall where they were actually, really and practically teaching photography rather than just boasting about their products.



Ok, they were boasting about their products, but in a good way 😛



I had no idea that there was going to be a kind of fashion show here and I only took my 50mm lens with me. But that lens did a pretty amazing job I suppose 😉


Wait what? A PURPLE Mac?? Never knew about it’s existence earlier :O


Time to say GoodBye!


  • Awesome Post Rish 🙂 Tujhse yehi umeed thi 🙂

    • rishabh

      Thank kew, Thank kew 😀

  • Abhishek

    Great Photography 😛

  • Good coverage of the event. So in 2012 its in Mumbai. Maybe then I’ll get a chance to attend. Last time I missed out.

  • Amazing cameras , I bet those are very costly.

  • awesome pictures! feels like the entire event came alive and I especially liked that Bazooka lens and the purple Mac 🙂 🙂

  • Ketan Agarwal

    yr gr8 pics…keep it up

  • tarun

    good job bro…really nice photography
    [email protected]

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