Mohit & Hemaxi – The Wedding

Mohit & Hemaxi’s wedding served the perfect definition for “The Grand Indian Wedding”. Coming from the previous post of the pre-wedding events, the wedding day came sooner than they expected! Here are some photos from the intimate moments to the grand rituals.

PS: There’s a wedding film in the end as well 🙂

The evening started from Mohit getting ready.




With last instructions from the sister, Pallavi 🙂



























And then came the bride.


























The negotiations for the groom’s shoes were followed by the wedding.

Which also sparked some intense discussions 😛

And more intense discussions





And for some reason, I absolutely loved the below moment. Kanika, the first to be married to the family leading the way and Hemaxi looking at her just completed the frame for me.

And here’s their story in motion. The Wedding Film!

Mohit & Hemaxi – The Grand Indian Wedding from Rish Agarwal on Vimeo.

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