Mohit & Hemaxi – The Carnival

Sharing the much anticipated wedding of Mohit & Hemaxi which was a totally rad celebration that span across 3 days in New Delhi, India. This wedding combined every aspect of a destination wedding with the traditions blended so beautifully, it just shimmered from day one!

The carnival was what kick started the celebrations.

And the *wait for it*, the Rain Dance!

And then the whole environment was electrified by the energy and enthusiasm of people.

Few games and teasings made their way through as well!

And there were performances from international artists.

And Splash!

And if you thought that was it, you couldn’t have been more wrong. The best was yet to come. And it came in the name of Bollywood Night. With a stage and set-up no less than an award night, this totally put the “Grand” in the wedding.

Shantanu had overdose of RedBull, or that’s what I was told 😛

And then was the time for the much anticipated dance of the bride and groom.

Where Mohit surprised everyone with his entry. Nobody knew his song, his place and what he was going to perform. The more surprising part was that he was able to keep it a surprize for everyone 😛

Finally the night ended with Dilbag Singh making everyone dance till they dropped. If you still think this was over, you’d be still wrong 😀

Next post will cover Mohit & Hemaxi’s wedding which was a movie in itself. Talking about movie, we have a wedding film as well. Stay tuned 🙂

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