Manas and Parul – The Wedding

Here comes the most anticipated wedding of 2012. Manas and Parul. Most anticipated because we did something way different in this wedding than what we normally have done. This one comes with its own wedding film. I’ll keep that for the end of the post.

So the story starts with everyone going from Delhi to Amritsar just for the wedding. It was a train journey and took us around 7-8 hours to reach Amritsar from Delhi. Once in Amritsar, we checked in at Hotel Ista and preparations began. You already have seen the first day in the previous post. This one starts with the wedding preparations.

And which in turn, starts with Parul getting ready.

Meanwhile Manas was almost ready with his Seharabandhi going on simultaneously.

The modern groom who checks how he’s looking in his iPhone 😛

Coming back to Parul.

Meanwhile the baarat was out and everyone was dancing.

And of course, no Punjabi wedding could be complete without this 😛

So the bride was also ready and the final touches were going on.

Meanwhile Parul’s dad enters the room and sees his daughter in the bride avatar for the first time. The happiness is evident on his face.

And like they say, there’s no free lunch. Likewise, Manas had to pay to get entry to the venue 😛

The happy folks.

And enters the bride, with her father.

So unlike anything and unlike any other wedding where there are usually boring and cliche group shots and poses with relatives, Parul decided to do something different. Being incredibly creative, she decided we’d have funny props instead of old and boring stuff and it was actually fun affair shooting the group shots.

I don’t think any other wedding could have such amazing boring-turned-fun group shots.

So after the jaimala and lots of dancing, we head to the open area for lighting the lanterns.

And the cake cutting.

And finally we head to the pheras. And after all that dancing and loads of fun, not everyone had the energy to stay awake. Here’s Manas’s mom taking a nap in between 😛

And that’s a scene from the interviews that were being taken from Manas and Parul’s friends who were giving all their secrets away 😀

And now comes the best part. The bargaining between Manas and his saalis on how much for he’ll be getting his shoes back 😛

And the teary eyes.

So that was the whole story in photographs. We created the same story in motion as well. Check out the following video of this wedding’s cinematography. The one you saw earlier was the trailer of the same.


  • thats awww sooo awesome 😀 welldone Rish !

    • Thanks @facebook-704729545:disqus 😀

  • Vikram

    good job man. got to know the funjabi wedding style!
    the bride’s choices were also impressive!

    • Totally! @890fa2daf4282631296a66e9fdb13e72:disqus

  • Amazing man..! One of the most unique collection of urs..!! Loved it.. 🙂

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