Manas and Parul The Engagement

Emotions captured in photographs. That’s what you have been seeing on this blog since so long. Let me take to you to another world. A world of motion. A world of films. A world of cinematography. Here’s a trailer of what I’m talking about before we begin further with Manas and Parul’s wedding days


So we reached Amritsar from Delhi and were drove to Hotel Ista. And it all started at that very moment. With dances of Parul and friends right form the entrance, it was just the beginning!

And that was the engagement day. After dancing and chilling the whole afternoon, it was that time of the evening of celebration! Here are Parul and Manas getting ready for the engagement evening.

The decoration was pretty rad!

Manas’ mom in a very candid and happy moment

Now began the fun! Usually the bride and the groom are supposed to walk down the aisle of engagement. But this was something else. The whole family had planned everything with a taste. And so was the entry. On a bike! With Parul sitting behind Manas, this was probably the most lively entrance one could have ever made!

A pretty awesome moment when Manas proposed to Parul, the final time 😀

And the reactions 🙂

Manas and Parul’s family had prepared videos of each and every family member in a candid style. This was probably a surprise to both of them and which can be seen from their expressions.

The big screen where everything was being shown.

The happy, and sad moments.

So with a little bit of emotions in everyone’s heart, it was again time to dance and celebrate!

Each and every member of the family had prepared their own dance sequences and had worked pretty hard on each step.

And even the elders 😀

And here come the stars of the day!

With a beautiful dance performance by Manas and Parul

The day ended with a bottle of Champagne. The next morning was of haldi ceremony.

Surprised looks! 😛

Too much prettiness in one pic!

The most *fun* part 😀

So that were the initial ceremonies of Manas and Parul’s wedding. Next post will be about the super awesome wedding day and the full wedding cinematic film. Stay tuned!

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