Deepali and Vivek

For some inexplicable reasons, Delhi weddings are always super fun. And this one took that fact to a whole new level. When Deepali got in touch with me to photograph her wedding in a candid and contemporary way, which is exactly what I love doing, I was eager to create some great memories off her wedding day. Our first conversation went on for longer than an hour. She told me their story to the tiniest detail. How they met, what clicked between them and what brought them together, everything. And guess what, that was the best part about the whole process. Whenever I take any wedding photography assignment, I make it a point to meet the couple in advance and listen to their story. Because that helps me to blend those emotions and connect the dots in the photographs I create.

Coming to the wedding, it was a Kumaoni wedding where there aren’t many rituals (unlike, the big-fat Hindu weddings). Vivek, the groom, was to fly down to Delhi from Lucknow two days before the wedding and his flight was at 8 am. Since Deepali had shared this detail with me, I thought why not start the journey from there itself? So, although that day wasn’t pre-planned or discussed, I got up at 5 am and made it to Noida to reach the airport at 8:30 am. And here’s what happened next 🙂


After getting a little late and not being able to find Vivek at the airport for a while (the tension is visible in the second picture) and then finally hugging him.

I got some really powerful shots and all the hassle that began at  5 am in the morning was well worth the effort.

Then came the engagement day

Here’s Rupali holding the wedding rings:


And here’s the beautiful wedding ring



While the studio photographer was making them pose like there was no tomorrow, an awesome idea struck me and I clicked this:


A photograph, that make me proud 🙂

After the engagement, Deepali showed me the various gifts Vivek bought for her.


And this:


With D’s Mom:


And then came the wedding day, which started with Mehendi during the day. While the person was applying Mehendi on her hands, Deepali took a small nap and I couldn’t miss this opportunity 😀


While Yamini, her sister was getting ready at the parlor:


I also clicked this a day before; I quite love it.


Winding up with some quick shots:














And here’s summarizing everything in just one photograph:


So that was that. Loved the pictures? Show your love in the comments below 🙂

PS: Blog post polished and edited by Shruti Garodia

  • They’re lovely. I especially love the photos at the airport because they’re not something you would expect as part of a wedding album.

    • Thanks @magali_c:disqus 🙂

  • asmita

    gr8 work

  • Vivek

    Awesome Work (y)

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