Aradhana & Divraj – The Wedding

Coming back from the amazing pre-wedding mehendi day of Aradhana, this is the story of their wedding day which started somewhere around the afternoon. The decors from the last day were complete and the stage was being set up for their wedding as I arrived.



Everything had amazing details in their wedding. The setup you see below was made of bamboo sticks. Now, the length of the bamboo sticks wasn’t picked abruptly. It was a multiple of the length of Aradhana’s fore-arms. She told me they took the measure of her hands before setting it up. Talk about getting everything right 🙂



As the sun approached horizon, it was time for the Safa-tying. Now the Safas of the two families were also different and for a reason. Aradhana’s family had the one with long end, almost touching the ground. Divraj’s family on the other hand, had short ends which went till their mid-backs. Two rajput families, two different traditions. This was another small detail.




Meanwhile, the bride herself was almost ready in the adjacent room!







Probably the youngest of the Thakurs I have ever come across 😀



And it was time to welcome the baarat!




And then came the vintage car


And of course, Divraj!










Keeping another tradition of touching the enterance point with his sword before stepping in.






And from there, Divraj went straight to the small pooja venue, which was specially prepared for some pre-wedding groom-only rituals. Aradhana was right in the adjacent room across the balcony but wasn’t allowed to see anything!









And then the bride arrived!





Not even a glimpse, sir 🙂






Ketki, Aradhana’s friend, a photographer herself and brilliant at what she does (as been told to me by Aradhana’s dad in the morning), was also looking for moments 🙂


















With every “fera” that they took, Divraj had to touch Aradhana’s forehad with both hands while the pandit chanted the mantras!



Stiff competition, I tell you 😛





I feel happy when I see genuine smiles. I feel happier when I’m able to capture them at the fine moments!








Aradhana must be feeling so elated at this moment that it all just showed up on her face!


This one being, one of my most favourite photographs!








I’ll always feel lucky that I was able to get this one!








I told you, we’ll be bumping all around into Aradhana’s dad in the photographs. He was one of the funniest guys around. Look at that face. Cent percent sure he was playing a prank right there 😛










The ritual required Divraj to consolidate the two burning flames to one, symbolising the ritual of marriage.





The eternal impressions.


Time for some business 😛









I have seen the strongest of men breaking down at weddings. These moments just show the real bond of love, a girl shares with her father, brother and as a matter of fact, the whole family.






So while every other weddings has had flakes of corn that the brides splashed around, Aradhana’s wedding had pairs of diyas (light lamps). Her mother was required to throw two in each direction (North-South-East-West). This one was very new and interesting one for me to document.











And with that, both families thanked each other for everything. While I couldn’t do it that time, I’ll say that right here:

Thank You, Aradhana & Divraj for this wonderful opportunity to witness, attend and document your precious wedding. Every single moment I saw, every single person I met and every single experience I had was amazing. Thank you for being so detail oriented and taking the time to explain all those details to me. I wish I did justice to this amazing experience and I hope I did succeed in my efforts of putting everything I felt there, in these photographs 🙂

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